The  journey started back in 2003 - 2004 when the first idea for the Kozy Koala Sleepmat™ was launched!


The initial design for the Kozy Koala Sleepmat™  was first thought of because  like all parents sending their little koalas to daycare, we use to pack sheets and a sheet bag ready for the afternoon nap. More often than not you come home with either 1 sheet or just the sheet bag. They always seem to end up in someone else’s bag or simply vanish into thin air! Playing around with an idea for sometime it was decided that it was time to put the Kozy Koala Sleepmat™ design to the test! It had to be really easy to use ( so that children could be independent enough to roll out their own sleeping kit), it had to be bright  so it could be spotted easily and could be washed and dried quickly.


And with that the Sleepmat™  was born! Skipping forward to 2008 the opportunity to purchase a small business Kiddysac™  who specialised in carry bags for children became available, which was the perfect compliment to Kozy Koala™ .


Today we are still a very successful business with a small dedicated  team making sure the high quality of our products and  incredible customer service is maintained. We are very proud that our Sleepmats are Australian made!

"A person's a person, no matter how small" - Dr Seuss