Radical Rainbows


Our Radical Rainbows is part of our patterned line and comes with a with black sheet and polar fleece blanket, as-well as an extra thick layer of padding making it super soft and comfortable. A bright design of colourful rainbows, hearts and sunshine will help your little one to relax and head off to the clouds for a restful snooze.

Part of our patterned series, this Kozy Koala Sleepmat is made from only the highest quality materials and created with extra strong stitching to make it kid-proof in every sense of the word.

Perfect for childcare, camping, sleepovers and rests, when these sleeping mats are rolled out they have an in-built pillow. When all rolled-up, the mat doubles as a pillow for long car trips. Kid friendly to pack-up, your kids can simply roll and go. There’s even a handle so they can carry it themselves – phew!

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