We couldn’t help but wonder, couldn’t life be simpler?

“Like most mothers, I’m the navigator of all things lost in my house. Forever hearing “mum, where’s my…” – I don’t always have all the answers. After so many lost sleeping sets, sheets and pillows, which would make their way to kindy and disappear into the ether – I decided enough was enough. And that’s when Kozy Koala was born.”

– Kelly, founder and owner at Kozy Koala

Kozy Koala

From our family to yours.
Meet Kelly.

Kelly is a Brisbane local who decided life was complicated enough for parents, and thought surely there could be a portable and simple solution for nap-time.

She was taught to sew by her mother at a young age, and Kelly now revels in heading up a business which provides high-quality sleeping solutions for children.

Kozy Koala Sleepmats are designed
for kids, but with parents front of

Too often we would see children’s products which are not actually child-friendly. A very important part of our ethos, is making sure that if our products are made for children, they should be easy to use: parent-free.

As a parent, Kelly understands just how many things you are asked on the daily to open or fix, and she wanted to make sure our Sleepmats were not one of them.

Example of Kozy Koala’s Kindy Nap Mat 34
Young child being given treat

Supporting Aussie-owned small

Kelly and her family have always been advocates of supporting local small businesses. They’ve always thought: what’s a few extra dollars if you know it’s going to a family who is great at what they do – surely the “big guys” have plenty already.

Now one of the little guys themselves, they are hoping that by staying true to keeping their business Australian owned, that people will pay them back in kind – turns out they were right.